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Who we are



BELINDO, a non-profit organisation, was officially established on the 1st of January 2016 by a group of Belgian and Indonesian SMEs under a bilateral cooperation. Originally, it aimed to accelerate trading of SME products between Belgium and Indonesia only; but now this organisation is growing globally.  BELINDO creates platform to support services and wider lucrative commerce; not only to accommodate trading between Europe and Indonesia but also to generate SME business in some African countries such as Nigeria and Morocco. More, this organization also intend to promote, to protect image of member countries, and to create a conducive business environment for discussions.


The objectives of BELINDO are taken by promoting business between member countries, through: providing information, advising, consulting, and networking. Initiated with merely cooperation between Belgium and Indonesia, now BELINDO stands to support export growing in every country in the world, particularly for SME products.


The BELINDO responsibilities are as follows;


  • As a bridge between businessmen of every member countries,

  • Supporting export growing with giving guidance and marketplace worldwide,

  • Organizing luncheons and breakfast meetings,

  • Arranging visit to international exhibitions,

  • Organizing trade missions,

  • Creating business environment for SMEs by assisting and providing valuable information.




Prior to the formal establishment of BELINDOMr. Nadir Oulad Omar, also the founder of BVBA Barabas & I-Fair International Trade Consulting, has on an ad-hoc basis been promoting SME businesses between Indonesia and Belgium since 1997. He cooperated with the Indonesian Embassy for Belgium (Kedutaan Besar Republic Indonesia, KBRI for Belgium) and the Ministry of Trade. Then in 2005 under the leadership of KBRI for Belgium, Mr. Oke Nurwan started a collaborative work between Belgian and Indonesian SMEs under an international exhibition event. To ease communication between SMEs, Mr. OULAD accordingly started to found BELINDO association informally.


The first groups of SME on the Board of BELINDO consist of wood furniture, bamboo furniture, exterior and interior designer, stone and garden decor, craft, food, garment, and forwarder.


Mr. OULAD, a Belgian national and Moroccan blood, the founder, and the managing trustee of BELINDO, together with his team have been promoting this organisation to The Embassy and to The Ministry of Trade of Indonesia. The organisation received positive response from all parties, and eventually at the end of 2005, he has successfully put together a new board for the SMEs and linked them to professionals across many different business sectors.


BELINDO association provides all links for businesses and institutions in both countries; as well as give relevant information to facilitate investment and business decisions, leading to business start-ups and expansion.

Since 2009 until now, BELINDO association and KBRI Brussels have been collaborating and working out of the same office under the leadership of Mr. OULAD.




Today, BELINDO is officially legalised, and as a result it is expanding overseas rapidly. In Indonesia, BELINDO is coordinated by Ms Masruroh Sulistyowati (Ms Sulis). Since 2014, she has actively involved in the House of Indonesia – an export development program for SME products. In October 2015, worked collaboratively with DEKOPIN (Dewan Koperasi Indonesia or Board of Indonesian Business Cooperative), Ms Sulis managed various SMEs as the exhibitors and successfully organised an international scale exhibition in Yogyakarta namely Indonesia Kreatif. During the expo, she introduced the concept of House of Indonesia  which received many positive responses from both the exhibitors and the government. Since then, she was invited by Mr Oulad to develop BELINDO as a co-founder and to take responsibility for this organisation in Indonesia.

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