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Belgium - Indonesia - Globaly
Association of Small Medium Enterprises

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About Us

BELINDO, a non-profit organisation, was officially established on the 1st of January 2016 by a group of Belgian and Indonesian SMEs under a bilateral cooperation. Originally, it aimed to accelerate trading of SME products between Belgium and Indonesia only; but now this organisation is growing globally.


BELINDO creates platform to support services and wider lucrative commerce; not only to accommodate trading between Europe and Indonesia but also to generate SME business in some African countries such as Tunisia and Morocco. More, this organization also intend to promote, to protect image of member countries, and to create a conducive business environment for discussions.


The BELINDO responsibilities are as follows;

  • As a bridge between businessmen of every member countries,

  • Supporting export growing with giving guidance and marketplace worldwide,

  • Organising luncheons and breakfast meetings,

  • Arranging visit to international exhibitions,

  • Organising trade missions,

  • Creating business environment for SMEs by assisting and providing valuable information.

Our Services
The objectives of BELINDO are taken by promoting business between member countries, through: providing information, advising, consulting, and networking. Initiated with merely cooperation between Belgium and Indonesia, now BELINDO stands to support export growing in every country in the world, particularly for SME products.




for SMEs




HOUSE of INDONESIA (HOI), an Export Development Program for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Products - a program where they could meet up, gain knowledge, and exhibit their products. This acts as a bridge between SME products and global market. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Trade.


HOI affiliates with Belgium Indonesia Association (BELINDO) which is headquartered in Dendermonde, Belgium, as the main distributor of Indonesian SME products. HOI includes SME businessmen who create many quality products that are ready to be marketed worldwide. More, HOI also facilitate their members to grow up and to expand their businesses in order to fulfil the global needs.

One Stop Exhibition
One stop exhibition is a huge expo that displays all kind of Indonesian SME products; this can be held in Indonesia and overseas. This exhibition is not only to bridge between suppliers and buyers but also to obtain trust from international market. 
Opening Galery Overseas
We assemble a working team with selected partners for opening gallery of “House of Indonesia” overseas; hence, members may display and introduce their product directly. This kind of gallery is to ease B2B process, even more, businessmen may obtain a preliminary information concerning Indonesian SME products through the gallery.
Coaching for Members
We conduct coaching program for SME, so that they can produce quality products that meet international standard. Moreover, the SMEs may obtain information regarding global market opportunity and export procedure.
Government Cooperation
In the national level, HOI works under the supervision of Ministry of Trading of Indonesia; while for some activity local level, HOI is supported by Department of Industry and Trading (Disperindag). In international level, especially in Europe, HOI works together with Attaché of Trade, Embassy of Indonesia for Belgium.

Story of Indonesia's Woodcraft SMEs

News & Events



Indonesia-Belgium virtual business meeting was held at webinar on Wednesday, 5 August 2020 by Embassy of Republic of Indonesia for Brussel and Forum of Indonesian Forestry Community (FKMPI). This virtual business meeting was moderated by Dr. Efransah (Senior Adviser to the Indonesian Minister of Forestry and Environment). Panelists speaking at the event were Mr. Indroyono Susilo (Chairman of the Communication Forum of Indonesian Forestry Community), Mr. Nadir Oulad Omar (Representative of Belindo/Barabas), Alexander de Groot (Representative of Fedustria), Mr Philippe Delaisse (CEO Ethnicraft Asia). The objective of discussion is that SMEs players have more opportunities to export wood and furniture products and be able to take advantage of opportunities to increase the export level of Indo Belgium wood and furniture products and also to improve both countries strategic cooperation in forest industries through business to business (B2B) dialogue.

According to Mr. Indroyono Susilo, all of the wood and furniture exports from Indonesia to Europe decreased by 20% in the first semester due to the covid-19 pandemic. The current situation shows that Belgium and Indonesia, including their own business communities, are in the transition period moving toward Post Covid-19 new normal. Facing this new normal era, in order to increase our export of wood and furniture products, various challenges that must be faced by exporters of wood and furniture products are are digitalization – shift towards online, better access to market trend and design, required government support to SMEs, required assistance for design and creativity, better education and machinery to train workforce to move towards automation and also strategic partnership with various Belgian companies.

We Will Attend at Trade Expo Indonesia 24 - 28 October 2018 We Invite All The Buyers and Anyone to come, See You In Our Booth


HOI Activity in Horeca Belgium 18-22 November 2017

Belgium, 25-11-2017


The exhibition was held from 18th to 22th of November 2017. The event was supported by Embassy of Indonesia for Belgium. HOI brought around 8 SME from Yogyakarta. We Are in the same area named Indonesia Paviliun. We bring food product to display and promote in european Market.  

Activity HOI at TEI 2014, JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta Indonesia

Jakarta, 13-10-2014


Trade Expo Indonesia 2014 was held on oktober 8-12, 2014 at JIEXPO Kemayoran Jakarta Indonesia. The event was opened at by H.Ir Joko Widodo at 10 am.  Location of HOI was at open space number 2 behind the statue of  Ir. Soekarno, the first President of Indonesia. HOI was given about 200 m2 area for building replika of House of Indonesia. HOI building consist of a main house complete with the interior product including handicraft and batik inside, gazebo with the furniture product, parasol, house of coffee for the meeting point of the buyer, and in the yard of HOI location, visitor can find many exterior product for furniture like onix, fossil, bamboo bycicle and etc.  At TEI 2014, member of HOI did some activities to promote their product directly to the potential buyer who come at location of HOI. At Trade Expo Indonesia, HOI made a matching bussiness also with the CEO from  saverio & liu limited, Warren K. Liu and we matched fashion bussiness to belgium. HOI and Warren have a plan to bring tax saverio - a famous designer from Indonesia to build a fashion bussiness in belgium.

HOI expand it wings to Tunisia

Belgium, 13-11-2016

Recently, Mr Nadir is creating a relationship with Tunisian Private Company for Trade and Commerce. Belindo is preparing the HOI Gallery in Tunisia, it will be launched soon.


i Fair Dendermonde
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